So it’s back to that time of year again where my occupation is decidedly student: cramming knowledge, procrastinating, staring at a screen, procrastinating and living like royalty – i.e. eating out of a saucepan. But what about some funky music to fill your day, not only to remind you of the definition of fun but also to sample a few talented artists you could have missed out on.

Check out All you need here.

Firstly, tune your ears to the frighteningly sensual sounds of the talented and creative FKA Twigs - a British singer-songwriter, producer and dancer, with Jamaican, Spanish and English roots. Her song Pendulum should go some way to soothing your revision induced headache with the swatches of bass, whilst the glitchy beats keep you focused. In keeping with the glitchy beats, switch over to the following trap remix of Kat Dahlia‘s Tumbao, which I stumbled upon whilst listening to the acoustic version on Youtube (Tumbao is like Cuban Spanish for rhythm/swag).



Finally, yet another artistic sensation you need in your life is Stromae – Belgian vocalist, songwriter, and producer whose music swirls hip-hop, mechanical house rhythms and EDM. He rose to fame after his song Alors on Dance, created using his home recording set-up, climbed the charts to number one in Belgium and in other countries across Europe.

Take a listen to his latest song/video, Carmen – find the version with English subtitles via Buzzfeed. The lyrics and the animation provide a piercing commentary on the endless monotony and false fronts of social media, which I, and many others my age, can guiltily relate to.


Now…back to the books.


This playlist and accompanying piece was created by Claire Hume, Music Blogger at Rhetoric Magazine.