Written by Hannah Ustun

My main inspiration for this edition was the end of this year’s academic ‘cycle’ at Art College. This marks an end to a very successful year, which has laid a solid foundation for my work to continue with optimism and excitement in September. The film featured in my submission was the film that I took during the final month leading up to my hand-in, which illustrates the final stage of my second year in Painting.

My grandpa passed down a book of ornament very recently to me, which weighs as much as I do, so I started there. I have most recently been experimenting with optical illusions and bright patterns. My work has usually consisted of more straightforward representations of everyday life and observation, as a way of translating my ideas. Recently I have become interested in integrating a more visually interesting element to my practice for aesthetic reasons and I look forward to translating this into paintings within the near future.