I’m a bad woman to keep
Make me mad, I’m not here to please
Paint me in a corner but my colour comes back
Once you go black, you never go back
I’m a black sheep

Listen here!


Writing from a wintry London, feeling quite at ease in a chunky, oversized sweater, music is what I need: to relax, for motivation, or to blaze through my headphones after a not so great day and just swag my way home. No maudlin or introspective music this week, just quality musicians, whose music can speak with and without lyrical aid. So without further ado, the playlist launches into the powerful vocals of Gin Wigmore, New Zealand song-writer. She fought her way to success, she won the grand prize in the 2004 International Songwriting Competition, and after years she now has two studio albums to date. Similarly, Kat Dahlia, an up-and-coming Miami-Cuban singer, strove for success, because it was that, or continue to wait tables and struggle to earn a living (you can check out a previous blog for more info). For now, let the world troubles wash over you, while you sink back in your chair and relax to the silky tones of Ray Parker Jr, who gained his reputation in the late 1960s for his guitarist skills, yet famous for writing Ghostbusters, a rap performed by Run-DMC, for the movie Ghostbusters 2.


This playlist and accompanying piece was created by Claire Hume, Music Blogger at Rhetoric Magazine. Come back for more every Wednesday!