What are we?

Rhetoric Magazine is an international, non-profit collaboration project, which aims to provide an open and informal setting for creative collaboration and artistic exposure. Our community currently consists of approximately 70 contributors from over 16 different countries, with executive teams in Kingston, Edinburgh, and Copenhagen.

 What do we do?

We create an environment in which the inspiration of one person may feed the inspiration of many others. We believe that art is not a competitive venture. By providing a setting for writers to collaborate with photographers, and musicians to work with designers, we create multimedia art, which has the ability to reach and benefit a greater number of people. The opportunity to collaborate and receive constructive criticism from a group of like-minded individuals also allows less-experienced artists to overcome the fragile period of uncertainty and gives them the freedom to assert themselves artistically under the realistic setting of meeting deadlines and overcoming the obstacles associated with creative collaboration.

From a community standpoint, Rhetoric Magazine is a platform of exposure. Today, our website has gained visits from over seventy-eight different countries. This is especially important because the work created by our artists is mainly in fields, which are traditionally difficult to gain exposure in, namely writing, photography and graphic design. One of our main goals is to show that there is always opportunity to embark on a creative career.