As the number of contributors grows, we must change our community structure to reflect this growth by becoming faster and more flexible while maintaining the artistic integrity of our magazine. To do so, we are now opening up a new position: curators.

As a curator, you generate a creative concept for your section (under our over-arching theme of Vertigo). Rhetoric Magazine currently has about 60 active contributors. The art forms covered in our community includes writing, art, photography, music and other types of creative express. Curators build relationships with individual contributors, facilitate collaboration projects, and take the section from individual pieces to its final publishing stage. The section will consist of a combination of original submissions and extracts from existing contributor portfolios. The building process therefore includes the viewing and editing of submissions with a critical eye, but also an ability to look beyond the current building stage, envisioning the final entity, and making the vision come to life.

Note that time requirements differ depending on the section. Fashion and music sections have previously consisted of two-three submissions, while art, commentary and creative writing are typically around four-eight.

Est. time commitment: 4-6 hours/week (see the timeline for details)
Compensation:Rhetoric Magazine is a non-profit arts community. Neither contributors nor curators are paid.


  • Check out for the full position description
  • Create a webcam video up to 2 minutes in length outlining your concept
  • Submit your artist CV and a one page cover letter
  • Please indicate in your video and cover letter the section you are interested in curating (creative writing, commentary, art, music, fashion)

Email video, CV and cover letter to by April 6th. We look forward to hearing from you!