Malta by Night - Photography by Joanna Demarco


The summer months may be drawing to a close but those unforgettable summer nights still live on. Use this compilation of electronic, trap, drum and bass and reggae dub, as motivation to lose yourself in the night and prevent stagnation with another same-old-same-old night-in.

Enter the rhythm of the night here.

Warm yourself to the thought of leaving your sofa or bed with this first, liquid drum and bass track. The murky drones of the bass line, the smooth vocals and the heart-racing beats make this track the perfect introduction to a night in the city. Wherever you are spending your night and whoever you are enjoying it with, loosen up with this trap song by RL Grime – blending elements from bass, dubstep and r&b/rap genres. If you want to sample some more of his tracks, check out Flood or his Love Sosa remix. The final track of this playlist is a smooth, dream trap track, this time by Key N Krates, ideal for that spaced out feeling at the end of the night!

Hybrid Minds are liquid drum and bass producers hailing from the United Kingdom, now a 3 person project. They have had exposure on some of the largest music promotion channels on YouTube such as the popular UKF Drum & Bass channel. The title of this playlist is taken from the lyrics of the 4th track, by The Lovin Spoonful – an American 1960s rock band. The song appeared on their album Hums of the Lovin’ Spoonful, and reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in August 1966. 

I really like Cheese Cake by Biga Ranx for its bouncy beats and punchy vocals. This track comes from the French reggae/hip-hop artist’s 2013 Good morning to Midnight album. Penultimately, the playlist features Ratatat, a New York duo, which are in a genre of their own: Electronic, electronic experimental rock, alternative hip-hop and many more!


This playlist and accompanying piece was created by Claire Hume, Music Blogger at Rhetoric Magazine. Come back for more every Wednesday!