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This playlist combination of reggae, dub, ska and dance hall was designed with a supporting theme of ‘doing your own thing’. It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring so stop driving in automatic and prepare for the sweet summer ahead.

Check out the playlist here




One of my favourite reggae artists is Sicilian-born, Alberto D’Ascola aka Alborosie, now residing in the reggae capital of Kingston, Jamaica as you can see from the video. He is a talented musician, playing around 6 instruments, and has 8 albums to date. If you like what you hear, try listening to ‘Herbalist’ and ‘Blue Movie Boo ft. Notorious BIG’.


The next two tunes are both by Biga*Ranx, a French artist influenced by reggae and American hip-hop artists, and I particularly recommend his albums ‘On Time’ and his 2013 album ‘Good Morning Midnight’. I would say ‘Zip Bag’ is pretty eclectic and could work well in clubs. If you are jammin along to this tune, have a listen to ‘Moon Walker’.

‘Call me a Marley’ brings a bright contrast to the playlist, introducing upbeat and rhythmic dancehall reggae perfect for the long summer ahead.

Dub Pistols made their name with a unique concoction of dub, ska and hip-hop and I really like their album ‘Rum and Coke’. I saw Dub Pistols at a festival last summer and they played this next tune, ‘Gangsters’ by the Specials. The Specials are one of my favourite bands so I am happy that people can listen to this on my playlist. This danceable ska track with the energy of the punk era gives an insight into the political lyrics of many of the Special’s songs. The Specials began at the same time as ‘Rock Against Racism’ and it is this anti-racist integration of black and white band members that I have so much respect for – that and their ‘2 tone’, iconic style.

In this next track, Gentleman’s Dub Club captures dreamy waves of brass which are gradually joined by additional layers of vocals and guitar. The steady reggae beat almost holds the song together, keeping the melody down to earth.

The penultimate track brings the gravel voice of Rastafarian Macka B singing the uplifting lyrics of ‘Step Up’. This was one of my favourite songs Macka B performed when I saw him in Bath, UK, last year for the anniversary of Bob Marley’s birthday. If you are feeling down at some point, listen to the mood medicine that is ‘Positive’ by Macka B for a song full of complements reminding you why you are awesome.

The Glaswegian Mungo’s Hi Fi will wrap up this playlist with ‘Mary Jane’ so turn up your speakers and let the fusion of reggae, dub and sharp bass sink in with the smooth vocals on top.


This playlist and accompanying piece was created by Claire Hume, Music Blogger at Rhetoric Magazine. Come back for more every Wednesday! 

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