Time to face the world? Maybe this playlist can gently ease you through this daunting transition to the land of living.

Nouvelle Vague – “new wave” in French – is a French cover band of punk rock, post-punk and new-wave songs. The band also did a cover of The Clash’s Guns of Brixton, which makes an appearance at the end of this playlist, featuring a reggae influence reflecting the culture of the area of Brixton, south London. If you are feeling hungover and sorry for yourself, this song should remind you that the struggle of a hangover falls fairly short of the struggles faced in Brixton in the 1980s. For now tilt your head back and get rid of that banging headache with the abstract hip-hop and psychedelic sounds of  RL Grime‘s remix of The Way U Do, or perhaps Dem Know by reggae producers, Boom Boom Vibration.

To get rid of your summer time sadness, take a listen to the contrasting mix of Lana Del Rey and Childish Gambino, which gets super catchy from about 1:30 minutes onward. If that was a step too far for your hangover, Herbie Hancock – architect of jazz – will be music medicine for your ears, blending jazz, blues and modern classical music with funky, experimental harmonies.

The worst of your headache should now be over and you can soldier on to the fluid vocals of Dougy Mandagi, lead singer of The Temper Trap, to face whatever time remains of the day.

This playlist and accompanying piece was created by Claire Hume, Music Blogger at Rhetoric Magazine. Come back for more every Wednesday!