Transport yourself to Havana here!

Sample something [perhaps] a little different to shake up your pre-going-out-playlist with this infectiously upbeat mix of reggaeton and Latin American style tunes.

The genre of reggaeton has its roots in Latin and Caribbean music, derived from Jamaican reggae, which spread around the world in the 1960s and 70s, where it came to prominence in Puetro Rico and became reggaeton.

Reggaeton was initially called “underground” music in Puerto Rico, and generally contained explicit lyrics about drugs, violence, poverty, friendship, love and sex. This music was often recorded in Puetro Rican open garages and distributed in the streets via cassettes. In 1995, there was a government-sponsored campaign against underground music and its cultural influences, in which Puetro Rican police raided record stores, confiscated cassettes and imposed fines against obscenity. The law went as far as banning baggy clothes and underground music from the school systems.




This playlist and accompanying piece was created by Claire Hume, Music Blogger at Rhetoric Magazine.