Photography by Ben Houdijk

Which female artists do you think define the modern age in soul and jazz? There is no set and clear cut definition of who these women are, but it is through artists such as Adele (featured above), Amy Winehouse, and Joss Stone that we have come to see it more clearly than we ever have before. Inspired by fellow music blogger Claire Hume’s playlist, Boss B*tche$, I took on the role of women in the music industry as something not to be taken lightly – just take the Joss Stone cover of ‘A Man’s World,’ which would “be nothing without a woman or a girl.” For me, no music displays more grit and gallantry than that of R&B and soul.

R&B and soul is not just limited to one’s deeply personal experiences. It comes from a mix of the lighthearted and breezy featuring Carsie Blanton’s “Baby Can Dance” and Duffy’s “Mercy” to the more stirring tracks including Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” and Joss Stone’s cover of “A Man’s World.” This playlist gives you all to offer without putting the you (the listener) in a place of dolefulness; it is meant to be expressive in all meanings and feelings of the word.

Take a listen to what I define as all women’s soul and jazz here!

This playlist and accompanying piece was created by Alicia Hai, Music Blogger at Rhetoric Magazine. Come back for more every week!