I am so happy that you’re here. I want this issue to give you the feeling of freedom, of pleasure, of absurdity.

For many of the pieces in this issue, I feel a circular energy reflecting returning and moving forward and the ruggedness and uncertainty which is associated with both. Here, we explore the ruggedness & uncertainty.

The art section speaks to the fragility of the body & soul (what constructs your body, how do you envision the 7 sins, are you breathing through the apocalypse, is what you’re seeing really there). Aris Katsilakis, a greek sculptor & Malashree Suvedi, currently living in Nepal, made an amazing sculpture/writing mix which blows my mind.

A book I read recently talked about how we learn as we grow older, that the reality we perceive is only one of a number of possible realities (possible irrealities). The commentary section opens this concept & explores different interpretations of art, time, consumerism (my go-to piece for philosophical spiral – All Consuming), language & dichotomy, and mental health.

Music features a review of a concert by Vampire Weekend & an interview with Leaving Richmond (who just released their new album “Human Minds , Robot Hearts” which you are currently listening to!

Creative writing has a continuation of Fragile Thing from Good Ideas Gone Bad, some beautiful poetry by Ali Sutherland & Emily Harris (both of whom read at our most recent Show – videos on YouTube!)

Aaaaand we are introducing our fashion section for the first time! All of our articles are also posted on our website – www.rhetoricmagazine.com – I think every one of our artists would appreciate any comments that you may have!

Breathe through these pages. I hope they speak to you.

Nelly Matorina