Humans – invented the arbitrary nature of time
- are the only earthly species that becomes anxious over the temporal pressure to leave their legacy

universal anticipation of fearful regret of living an unfulfilling life.

What constitutes an unfulfilling life?
• A failure to set meaningful goals
• Inability to fulfill goals

In both cases, the concept of prioritization is relevant.
The inherent limitation of not being able to experience every single facet of life means that some goals are valued more highly than others.

What makes one goal better than another?

• Subjective personal preferences
• peers
• environment
• genetics
• history
• Fulfilling goals means that the present must be sacrificed for a future success.

To what extent should we allow ourselves to be unexpectedly side-tracked by the present?
 Why are we valuing the future more than the living, breathing, now?

 Procrastination is seizing each moment to enjoy to the fullest.

Procrastination is rationalizing frivolous efforts. (↑)